Your cloud storage space just got upgraded.

Razuna is a hosted digital asset management software for all your images, video, audio, and document files.

Your media asset management in the cloud.

Share files and folders with other users for collaboration or make files and folders publicly available via shareable links. It’s like having your own Google Drive (just more secure and private).

Share brand assets quickly

Share your dam folder or individual brand assets with anybody with ease. Even set an expiration date on the link itself.

Create workspaces

Create workspaces for your, team members, or your projects. A workspace is only accessible to invited people.

Find everything, fast

Find all your digital assets in milliseconds. Use the intuitive advanced search to find files, e.g., by type, upload date, and so forth.

Might features for your DAM

DAM for the win.

See why Razuna is loved and used daily by so many.


Organize your media assets in folders and labels. Use drag & drop for just about every action.


Invite team members or external colleagues to collaborate. Create dedicated workspaces.


Share any brand folder or media files privately with secure links. Create expiring links, too.

99.99% uptime

We have a proven track record for all our services with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.


We trimmed every single code to bring you the best performance for your media asset library.

Find everything

Find every single file in your media library in milliseconds. Define further to narrow your search.


Upload your files from a 3rd-party system with the API. Access all your data programmatically.

Cloud servers

Razuna is not only a online Saas DAM but can also be deploy on a dedicated cloud server for you.


Razuna creates of every file a preview automatically. No need to re-download the file again.


Razuna works with every browser on the market and provides a native mobile app, too.


Some of our customers store over 450 TB of data with Razuna. We dare you to beat that.

Use Razuna on your mobile device.

Get access to your files from anywhere at anytime.

Full synchronization & offline access

All your files and folders are synced between Razuna and your mobile phone and everything is made available instantly. Upload images and videos from your phone and share them with others.

Total integration

Receive push notification on the go. Preview all your images, audio, video, and documents right within the Razuna mobile app. Take your files with you, wherever you go.

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