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Razuna organizes, updates, secures, and stores your digital files. Access them anytime, anywhere.

People like Razuna (a lot)

Benjamin Lipmann
Benjamin Lipmann
Head of Marketing

I have to say that Razuna provides an incredible value at an unbeatable price level. We cannot imagine doing our work without Razuna.

Melissa Meyer
Melissa Meyer
President of Sales

We absolutely love how easy it is to share files with others. Our contractors can now upload files quickly without any limits.

Dominik Hartmann
Dominik Hartmann

The decision to use Razuna was a no-brainer. It has saved us time and money and the Razuna team has been incredibly helpful.

Beverly Manson
Beverly Manson
Marketing Manager

Razuna makes it easy for us to share files with others and find the right files at the right time.

Smrithi Gupta
Smrithi Gupta

After using Dropbox for many years, Razuna is a fresh and innovative way to share files.

Martin Keller
Martin Keller
VP Development

The Razuna team was able to fulfill our needs at a very reasonable price. The system is incredibly easy to use, very user-friendly, stable, and secure.

Chris Miller
Chris Miller

The Razuna platform has been great for our business. I can't recommend it enough.

Emrys Hoffman
Emrys Hoffman
Partner Manager

We are able to create Workspaces for our clients and customize them to fit our needs. Razuna is a great solution.

Made for teams of all sizes

Razuna is a powerful, cloud based brand asset management, aka digital asset management system. It's the new modern way for teams to collaborate, share, and manage a cloud file server.

It features everything you want from a digital asset management software. From organizing your images, videos, and other digital files to sharing them with your team and clients, Razuna has you covered.

Razuna is recognized as the go-to digital asset management for small businesses. Its innovative pricing has made it an incredibly popular choice among business owners, as it is easily the most affordable digital asset management available today.

File management like never before

Supercharge your files

Razuna - manage digital assets with ease

Browse your file library in an easy-to-use interface that is inspiring. Amend images, videos, and audio (any files) with custom metadata and use tags to provide meaning. It guarantees brand consistency and identity as a single source of truth.

Ligthing fast search

Razuna - search for digital assets with faceting

Managing files in our digital asset management solution is unparalleled. Creative teams can quickly locate any file they need using intuitive filters and a lightning-fast multi-level search with faceting. Finding marketing materials has never been easier.

Organize efficiently

Razuna - organize brand images with labels

Make Razuna your single source for your brand asset management and bring your whole marketing team together under one secure and scalable cloud based digital asset management. Razuna stands to grow and scale your entire business.

Client workspaces

Razuna - white label digital asset management

Secure access and usage rights for brand assets are essential. Use Razuna DAM software to manage digital assets and ensure brand guidelines are followed. Take control of your brand content to avoid damaging your reputation.

Made for sharing

Razuna - share digital assets with sharable links

The Razuna Digital Asset Management DAM lets you securely share your digital content internally or externally. Create temporary links with an expiration date or create a password-protected cloud file server with selective asset permissions.

Team collaboration

Razuna - team collaboration on digital assets

Razuna simplifies sharing digital files with your colleagues and customers. Your team can efficiently collaborate and discuss your digital files through the robust commenting system. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for teams of all sizes.

Custom Fields

Razuna - custom fields for your digital assets

When it comes to enhancing your files with custom metadata, custom fields are your go-to tool, tailored to your individual needs.


Razuna - auto-tagging with AI

Auto tagging streamlines the process by analyzing your files and assigning accurate keywords and tags for effortless file organization.

One more thing... Meet Collect+

Razuna - collect and save everything

Meet your ultimate digital collection tool. Seamlessly collect images, URLs, and notes from the web or desktop, and organize them in one unified file management system. Perfect for anyone looking for a smarter way to stay organized.

Save the web

Razuna - gather and organize your web

See something interesting. Save it to your personal workspace. Collect+ lets you easily access and organize all the exciting content you discover. Even easier with our browser extension.

Organize your desktop

Razuna - organize your desktop

Organize your personal file system. Use the Collect+ desktop app to add, search, and share your files. Finally one place for everything and not all over the place.

Over 15 years in business.

Self-funded. No investors. No bullshit.

More than 5,000 customers worldwide.

Razuna - zero headache brand asset management for teams

A powerful (affordable) brand asset management software for every business

(each free accounts comes with 500 GB space)

Razuna - digital asset management for everyone