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See why Razuna is the best Bynder alternative. Razuna is a DAM platform with over 5,000 customers worldwide.

Get (a lot) more with Razuna – the #1 Bynder alternative.

In a nutshell, choose Razuna because you shouldn't pay more for fewer features and less support, and Razuna is known to provide the best value among Bynder competitors.

Plus, we feature unlimited users, unlimited collections, unlimited shared links, and unlimited workspaces. Bynder pricing starts at $450/month for one user(!!!) and you quickly spend thousands a month (talk about getting punished just because you grow your business).

Compare this to Razuna, where our pricing is transparent (one plan) and includes all features always.

Our review of Bynder

Bynder is a powerful DAM system. That is, if you have the budget and a dedicated IT team and a lot of time and energy. But see for yourself.


The feature set of Bynder is impressive. There is nothing you cannot find. It's one of the most feature rich DAM platforms.
Made for Enterprises
Bynder's target market is the Enterprise sector. It helps global businesses to solve complex issues with organising a global image library solution. It rightfully deserves the title of a Enterprise DAM system.


Bynder pricing
There is not much to say, but that Bynder is expensive. It starts at $450/month per user(!) and just grows from there. This puts it out of reach for most SME or SMB.
High maintenance
It's no secret that an Enterprise DAM software comes with a lot of complexity and a high maintenance. You do need a dedicated IT team to take care of the DAM software.
Razuna - dedicated cloud dam servers

Transparent pricing. Unlimited (everything).

We make pricing simple. There is one paid plan and it comes with unlimited users and with all our features.

We also provide dedicated cloud DAM servers that can be deployed close to your location. Besides, we offer HIPAA compliant hosting.

Personal support

Our customers are raving about how we listen and implement requests and continually try to better our product. We run a public Roadmap and are available via live chat (even for customers on our free plan).

Razuna - personal support for all customers

Razuna - made for small businesses

But don't take our word for it, see how we compare head to head with others.

Price Example with 5 users
Price per month$80$900+$650+$125
Price Example with 25 users
Price per month$80$2,800+$1,250+$500
To keep it fair we took the price of the lowest plans of each vendor which might not provide access to all features.
Unlimited Users
White-Label / OEM
Private Cloud Servers
HIPAA Compliant Hosting
OEM & Reseller options

Features? We have them all...

Lighting-fast search
Secure & scalable
Client Workspaces
Labels / Tagging
White Label
Unlimited users
Drag and drop uploads
SSO / SAMLv2 / oAuth
Metadata (XMP/IPTC)
File Collections
Folder permissions
Commenting & Collaboration
Shareable links

Find everything in an instant

Razuna features a powerful search functionality that allows you to find your media files in an instant. Search for file names, metadata, and text within documents. Razuna also features a powerful filter system to narrow down your search results.

Secure & reliable

Razuna - secure brand asset management

Razuna is a secure and reliable digital asset management platform. We take security seriously and have implemented many security features to keep your data safe. Razuna is also GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Client workspaces

Razuna - client workspaces

Create client workspaces and share marketing assets and digital files with your clients. You can create a customer branded shared space for your clients. Razuna also features a powerful approval system to streamline your workflow.

Custom labels to the rescue

Razuna - tag your digital assets for easy retrieval

Razuna features custom labels that allow you to tag every file in your digital media library. You can create custom labels for your clients. Labels are a great way to organize your digital files and include them in the search.

Keywords, description & metadata

Razuna - add metadata to your digital assets with AI

Razuna features a powerful metadata editor that allows you to add keywords, descriptions, and other metadata to your files. You can add metadata to multiple files at once. Razuna also features AI to add metadata automatically.

Do you want to see how Razuna works?

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One more thing...

Razuna is part of the Helpmonks stack. Helpmonks is a customer engagement platform with a shared inbox, knowledge base, live chat, and email marketing tools.

Using Razuna and Helpmonks together will automatically turn your cloud based media asset library into a central hub for customer support, sales, and marketing.

As a fact, if you have a Helpmonks account, you automatically get Razuna included.

Helpmonks - Customer Engagement Software from Helpmonks

Over 15 years in business.

Self-funded. No investors. No bullshit.

More than 5,000 customers worldwide.

Razuna - zero headache brand asset management for teams

A powerful (affordable) brand asset management software for every business

(each free accounts comes with 500 GB space)

Razuna - digital asset management for everyone