A modern Digital Asset Management
tool to get organized quickly

Razuna is a slick cloud storage solution for people who want to get more done in less time than ever.

Organize your media files. Create shareable links with one click.

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Uploads files and folders with drag & drop. Fast and easy.

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See and find all your images, video, audio, and documents of all kinds in an overview.

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Create dedicated workspaces for your family or other team members. Invite and share with as many people you like.

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I have to say your product is really well built. What an amazing piece of software.

This is a very promising digital asset management system. Congratulations.


Dave Edgar


Thank you for three years of 100% uptime and absolutely zero stress. Frankly, you folks are some of the easiest people we’ve ever worked with.

Your tool is going to be the hub of our visual communications moving forward.


Jacky Berger

CIO, Lost Tribe Media

We just switched from a very expensive DAM to Razuna. Wow, you guys hit it right on.

I’m impressed with the simple but powerful interface and the features Razuna has.


Dustin Stroh

CEO, SME Web Agency

Manage brand assets

DAM it can be so easy.

A digital asset management software doesn’t need to be complicated to do its job. Razuna is known to be fast and easy to use. No master degree needed.

Upload files

Upload one or many files (yes also folders) in one go. Our cloud storage gives you unlimited space for your files.

Create workspaces

Create a workspace and invite your team members to join you. Access your shared DAM folders securely and reliablly.

Organize them

Organize your images, videos, audios, or documents with folders. Only accessible to you or people you invite.

Share with your team

Your team members can use Google, Facebook, or their Twitter account to sign in and get access to your files.

Use Razuna on your mobile device*.

Get access to your files from anywhere at anytime with our native mobile apps.

Full synchronization & offline access

All your files and folders are synced between Razuna and your mobile phone and everything is made available instantly. Upload images and videos from your phone and share them with others.

Total integration

Receive push notification on the go. Preview all your images, audio, video, and documents right within the Razuna mobile app. Take your files with you, wherever you go.

*Available soon on the Google Play store and Apple App store.

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