Razuna Browser Extensions

Add an image or video from any website. Take screenshots and upload them directly to your digital library.

Razuna - a browser extension for your digital asset management

For your browser

Use Razuna alongside all the other web apps you use daily.

(Click on the browser icon to download the extension)

Save images and videos

Razuna - browser extension to save files from the web

Take control of your website's images and videos with Razuna's digital library. You can store them effortlessly with just one click, freeing up valuable time to focus on other essential tasks.

Side panel co-browsing

Razuna - co-browsing with the browser side panel

Improve your browsing with the side panel. Easily add images and videos from your digital library. Enjoy seamless browsing and editing by toggling between tabs.

Take screenshots

Razuna - take screenshots and save them to your digital library

With Razuna's browser extension, you can capture your inspiration with a screenshot and save it for later. Say goodbye to lost ideas and hello to productivity.

Private and secure

Razuna - private and secure browser extensions

Our Razuna browser extensions prioritize your privacy and security. You can rest assured that we do not track your browsing history or collect personal data.

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