Secure and scalable cloud file server

Razuna offers a managed cloud file server for your Digital Asset Management needs.

The zero headache platform

Managing your company-wide cloud file storage and file management software is challenging work. We built Razuna so your team can upload, tag, and collaborate in your asset workflow as quickly as possible.

Behind the scenes, the deployment of a dedicated cloud storage manager solution takes time and knowledge.

We provide a zero-headache file server management software for your company, including fail-over and load-balanced environments, so your DAM software is always available around the clock (we also facilitate a HIPAA compliant cloud).

Enterprise Hosting Key Features

Custom Domain and SSL
Dedicated and private ressources
Customizable Infrastructure
24/7/365 On-Site Support
Server locations in the US, EU, and Asia
High Availability Infrastructure
Fully Managed Servers
Dedicated technical support
Secure and scalable
HIPAA Compliant Hosting
* Some features depend on the hosting package

Secure & Reliable

Secure and reliable enterprise cloud hosting

The Razuna Enterprise cloud hosting is a fully managed solution. We take care of the entire infrastructure, including the operating system, database, and application stack. Furthermore, we provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Make it yours

Razuna - custom DAM cloud server for your organization

Bring your own domain and SSL certificate. We will set up your dedicated cloud server with your domain and SSL certificate. You can also use your own email server to send out emails or use our email servers.


Secure and reliable enterprise cloud hosting

Each cloud server is a dedicated instance for your organization. You can customize the entire infrastructure to your needs. We also provide a dedicated database server, dedicated email servers, search engine, and more.

24/7/365 Support

Razuna - premium support 24/7/365

An account manager, backup, and dedicated monitoring for your servers are just one of the perks of a cloud server from Razuna. Another is our exclusive direct chat channel for you and your team. Personal support at 24/7/365.

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Razuna - zero headache brand asset management for teams

Finally, an affordable media asset management solution for small businesses

(each free accounts comes with 500 GB space)