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Razuna has helped over 5,000 teams organize and securely share digital files in one place.

Razuna - digital asset management software

Managing your brand assets can be so easy

Say goodbye to the headache of managing brand assets and digital files! Razuna is here to make it all a breeze.

With Razuna you quickly upload, tag, and collaborate with your team or clients on all your digital files. Plus, it's incredibly easy to use and straightforward, so you'll never look back.

Try Razuna and see why it`s the go-to alternative to enterprise digital asset management software.

Lighting-fast search. Save 6 1/2 hours each week.

Are you tired of your sales and marketing teams wasting valuable time searching for files? Look no further than Razuna. With Razuna, you can instantly find any file, no matter what folder the files are in or if they contain any metadata. Advanced intuitive filters make it even easier to narrow down your search results. Filtering and faceting will take your cloud DAM to the next level, saving you time and increasing productivity.

A secure cloud DAM

Razuna - secure brand asset management

As a secure digital asset management software, Razuna features unlimited users, file previews, and advanced file-sharing permissions. Share individual folders or create a dedicated workspace for your team or customers.

Client workspaces

Razuna - client workspaces

With Razuna Workspaces, you can create a self-service DAM system that automatically delivers digital files, saving time and hassle. This powerful tool streamlines your workflow, eliminates manual tasks, and ensures that customers receive the files they need promptly and efficiently.

Custom labels to the rescue

Razuna - tag your digital assets for easy retrieval

Search and locate files quickly with custom labels and control your media asset workflow and brand guidelines entirely. By tagging your media assets, you will find every file instantly.

Keywords, description & metadata

Razuna - add metadata to your digital assets with AI

Razuna makes adding custom keywords and descriptions to your media files easy. Metadata is automatically embedded into your files, and auto-tagging is coming soon too.

Custom Fields

Razuna - custom fields for your digital assets

Custom fields can be your best friend when it comes to adding your custom metadata to your files. It gives you the flexibility to define your fields and build your unique system that works best for you.


Razuna - auto-tagging on upload or manually

Imagine assigning tags to your images without spending hours. With the Helpmonks AI algorithm, you can sit back and relax while it analyzes your images and suggests tags automatically.

Bulk updates

Razuna - patch editing for your digital assets

Patch update all your files with one single click and apply your changes in real time. This is a powerful tool that can be used to update files in bulk.

Fast Transfer

Razuna - fast file transfer

Activate our Fast Transfer option and upload your files to Razuna without any upload limitation directly from your desktop. Migrate from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others with ease.

Online image editor included

Razuna - online image editor

Our digital asset management cloud features an online image editor that allows, among many other options, to crop, rotate, resize, filter, and annotate images in real time. No need to download or spend yet another license for a photo editor.

Each file is saved as a copy and made available for others to download. You can also create a custom image on the fly. Providing a custom brand image cannot be easier than this (Coming soon).

Comment & Collaborate

Razuna - comment, collaborate, and approval on your digital assets

Any file can be reviewed, commented on, and approved within Razuna. Take advantage of the image editor to annotate an image and use the comment section to collaborate with your teammates for final approval.

Make it yours

Razuna - customize your digital asset management software

Create a seamless experience for your customers and leverage the white-label options within Razuna. Use your custom URL and custom SSL, upload your company logo, and adjust the color of your brand asset management platform.


Razuna - collect and share your digital assets

Collect your favorite files and make them easily accessible to you at any point from anywhere and on any device. You can also share your favorites with your team or clients.

Shared links

Razuna - share your digital assets

Create one or multiple shared links, each with individual settings, to publicly share your folders with others. You can also set an expiration date for each link.

Auto-tagging with AI saves you time and money

Auto-tagging is a feature that will save you time and money. With Razuna, you can automatically tag your images with keywords, descriptions, and metadata. Razuna's AI algorithm will analyze your images and suggest tags automatically. You can also add tags manually.

Secure & Scalable

Razuna - a secure and scalable digital asset management software

The Razuna Cloud DAM is a secure hosted solution with a 99.99% uptime. Take it further with our GDPR and HIPAA compliant cloud servers.

Unlimited users

Razuna - no per-user fees and unlimited users for each account

Per-user prices are so 2018. With Razuna, you never need to pay extra users, i.e., being punished for growing your company.

Audit Trail

Razuna - audit trail of your digital assets

Every action within Razuna is logged and provided to you and your team. Always know who is doing what.


Razuna - trash your digital assets and version control

No more accidental removal of your digital content. Razuna features version control and trash recovery option.

Drag & Drop uploads

Razuna - drag and drop your digital assets to upload

Upload files conveniently with drag & drop from your desktop to add them to your DAM platform.

Broad file support

Razuna - support for over 450 file formats

You can store any file in Razuna. Previews are automatically created for over 450 (and growing) file formats.

Real-time statistics

Razuna - real-time statistics of your digital assets

Know what your users are looking for with statistics in real-time. See which media files are downloaded the most.

Custom deployment

Razuna - white label your digital asset management software

Need a customized digital asset management software for your organization? Razuna got you covered. We can deploy Razuna on your own servers or private cloud.

One more thing...

Razuna is part of the Helpmonks stack. Helpmonks is a customer engagement platform with a shared inbox, knowledge base, live chat, and email marketing tools.

Using Razuna and Helpmonks together will automatically turn your cloud based media asset library into a central hub for customer support, sales, and marketing.

As a fact, if you have a Helpmonks account, you automatically get Razuna included.

Helpmonks - Customer Engagement Software from Helpmonks

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