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Use Collect+ to organize your files and the web effortlessly and quickly locate all your items.

Razuna - digital asset management software

One place for everything

Are you tired of losing track of websites, images, files, links, and notes? Say no more! With Collect+, you can effortlessly collect, organize, and share everything in one convenient location. No more wasting time searching through different apps and folders. Say hello to simplicity and productivity!

See it. Save it.

When you find something intriguing, simply click on it, and Razuna will securely save it to your personal space. This lets you easily access and organize all the exciting content you discover.

Razuna - secure brand asset management
Razuna - client workspaces

Save and share

Save and share with others. Transfer gathered items to Workspaces and effortlessly share with your entire team.

Find everything

Our powerful search engine meticulously indexes all documents, images, and videos. It even autonomously extracts text from images, creating a seamless web of files tailored to your needs.

Razuna - tag your digital assets for easy retrieval
Razuna - add metadata to your digital assets with AI

File management

Razuna takes the hassle out of file organization and sorting by auto-tagging all your files. This streamlined process saves time and guarantees that everyone can effortlessly access the files, irrespective of the folder system.

Save the web

Capture inspiration effortlessly with our Browser extension. You can save everything you see with just one click, from captivating websites to stunning design work. Take a screenshot of what catches your eye or mark any text on a site to save it for later.

Razuna - custom fields for your digital assets
Razuna - secure cloud-based digital asset management

Go further

Collect+ is a component of Razuna, a comprehensive digital asset management system designed for securely storing and sharing digital files with your team or third parties.

One more thing...

Razuna is part of the Helpmonks stack. Helpmonks is a customer engagement platform with a shared inbox, knowledge base, live chat, and email marketing tools.

Using Razuna and Helpmonks together will automatically turn your cloud based media asset library into a central hub for customer support, sales, and marketing.

As a fact, if you have a Helpmonks account, you automatically get Razuna included.

Helpmonks - Customer Engagement Software from Helpmonks

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Razuna - zero headache brand asset management for teams

A powerful (affordable) brand asset management software for every business

(each free accounts comes with 500 GB space)

Razuna - digital asset management for everyone