Top 10 Best Brand Asset Management Software Options (2023 reviews)

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Having the best brand asset management software in your toolkit simplifies the process of building a strong and thriving brand identity.

This powerful tool makes storing, managing, and sharing crucial brand assets like logos, images, videos, and marketing materials easy. With enhanced workflows, collaboration, and brand consistency at your fingertips, it's a game-changer for your business!

But with so many options available, how do you select the perfect fit? In this article, we explore the top platforms to empower your brand strategy and fuel business growth.

What is Brand Asset Management Software?

Brand asset management software lets you store, share, or manage your brand assets with your team or partners. Brand assets are digital files that represent your brand identity, such as logos, images, videos, marketing materials, brand guidelines, and documents.

Different people in your organization can use these files for various purposes, such as creating content, designing products, launching campaigns, etc.

The software acts as a central hub where you can upload, organize and categorize your brand assets for easy access and retrieval. You can also label your files with keywords, tags, and metadata to add context. This way, it is easy for everyone to locate assets by utilizing the search feature or by applying filters.

Brand asset management software, or BAM software, is handy for businesses that want to streamline their branding processes and improve brand visibility and engagement. It ensures brand consistency and quality across all your marketing channels and touchpoints. Read our post on what is brand asset management for more information.

Here are the ten options we recommend for your business in 2023!

Top 10 Best Brand Management Software Systems (Reviews)

Razuna - top brand asset management system

1. Razuna

Razuna is a solid option if easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful BAM software is what you’re after. It is a cloud-based platform that helps you and your team organize, collaborate, and share your digital assets in one place. Whether you need to manage images, videos, audio files, or documents, Razuna has you covered.

The software offers a user-friendly interface to upload, tag, and edit your assets online. You can also create folders, collections, and workspaces to organize your assets according to your design or marketing needs. Razuna's lightning-fast search feature lets you find your assets by keywords, metadata, labels, or filters.

It also offers security for your digital assets. You can control who can access, download or share your files with permissions and roles. With this software's reports and analytics, you can also track the usage and performance of your brand assets in all your marketing efforts.

Razuna's security does not stop there: it uses scalable cloud infrastructure to handle data. Think of it like a virtual vault that securely stores and organizes your expanding library of brand assets. Furthermore, Razuna is HIPPA and GDPR-compliant. Moreover, customers can choose to deploy Razuna on dedicated managed cloud servers.

Razuna is also compatible with various file formats and integrates with your publishing workflow. You can capture metadata from your files and add descriptions that travel with your assets, making for seamless communication and streamlined workflows. You can also export your assets to different formats or sizes with Razuna's conversion engine.

Best For:

Razuna works for businesses of all sizes and creative teams that need simple and cost-effective brand asset management software.

You can start with a free account with 500 GB of storage space or choose the paid plan that offers more features.

Razuna - best Canto Alternative

2. Canto

Canto is a cloud-based brand asset management solution that helps you manage and share your digital assets from one location. It has a vibrant interface that makes it easy to navigate and preview your files.

Canto allows you to organize your assets in folders, albums, and collections. You can also use keywords and smart tags to label your files and add context. Canto's search feature is powerful and fast, letting you find your assets by keywords, metadata, filters, or file types.

You can also use this software to collaborate and distribute your assets with your team and external partners. You only need to create unlimited portals and links to share your files with different audiences. This BAM system also lets you track the usage and performance of your assets with reports and analytics.

Security and reliability are vital features you should look for, and you get them with Canto. You ensure the security of your data with its state-of-the-art encryption and backup systems.

In addition, Canto is compatible with various file formats and integrates with your publishing workflow. Simply capture metadata from your files and export them to different formats or sizes with the conversion engine.

For added productivity, you can incorporate Canto with other tools and platforms, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, Slack, etc.

Best For:

Canto is an excellent option for creative agencies, marketing teams, and businesses seeking a simple, feature-rich brand asset management solution. You can choose from different plans and pricing options to suit your organization and branding needs.

Razuna - best Bynder Alternative

3. Bynder

Bynder is an all-around software you can use to easily create, manage, and share your company's digital assets. It has a holistic approach combining digital asset management, creative project management, brand guidelines, and more for comprehensive workflows. It also has a user-friendly interface that lets you preview and edit your files online.

This BAM system allows you to organize your assets in folders and albums. It also has a practical search feature to find your assets by keywords, metadata, filters, or file types.

Bynder enables you to team up and share your assets with your company teams and partners through unlimited portals and links. It also has analytic and reporting capabilities that empower you to make data-driven decisions to maximize your brand's impact.

You can control users' and collaborators' access and permissions with user roles. You can also ensure the safety of your data with the software's encryption and backup processes.

Bynder is compatible with various file formats, and its conversion engine allows you to export files in different designs and sizes. You can integrate it with productivity and collaboration tools and platforms like WordPress, Slack, Asana, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Trello.

Best For:

Bynder is an excellent option for enterprise-level businesses that need a comprehensive brand asset management system that covers all aspects of their branding strategy. It offers reasonable solutions with affordable plans to choose from.

Razuna - best Brandfolder Alternative

4. Brandfolder

Brandfolder is a cloud-based BAM system with a straightforward interface that simplifies how you upload, preview, and edit your files online. It is suitable for distributing assets internally and externally.

Brandfolder also comes with integrations for tools for streamlined creative workflows and collaborations.

Besides this, it guarantees security for your digital assets. For instance, it uses AI technology for data analysis and reporting. You can also create user roles to control who can access media and how they interact with it. Furthermore, encryption and backup systems provide added security and accessibility.

Best For:

Brandfolder is ideal for design teams and organizations that are big on team or departmental collaborations. It offers practical privacy control features and integrations perfect for effective partnerships.

Razuna - best Widen Alternative

5. Widen Collective

Widen Collective is another brand asset management system you can try. It features robust DAM capabilities and AI-powered auto-tagging for your media content. The software allows you to customize portals and brand guidelines to meet your organization's needs and ensure seamless collaboration between teams and departments.

Widen Collective also enriches your product data with marketing copy and digital assets for distribution. You can import product specifications from other systems, verify data completeness and add rich-text descriptions.

This software is secure and scalable for your digital assets. You can control who has access to your assets and track how they use them. You can also integrate Widen Collective with tools and platforms such as Salesforce, Adobe Creative Suite, Drupal, and many others.

Best For:

Widen Collective is an ideal choice for enterprises cutting across various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. It is your best business solution if you seek a scalable and versatile brand asset management solution.

Razuna - best Frontify Alternative

6. Frontify

Frontify is another cloud-based software you can trust to manage your company's digital brand assets. It allows you to assign tasks, share templates and ideas, and make all approved media accessible to all team members or departments.

Frontify's brand guidelines module allows you to maintain visual consistency in all your assets and ensure brand compliance for all users.

If you're after better communication and productivity, this software's collaborative workspaces allow for real-time commenting. This makes it easy for teams to streamline workflows and foster effective communication.

You can integrate Frontify with other tools and platforms like Salesforce, Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, and more.

Best For:

Frontify is a solid option for businesses that need flexible and comprehensive brand asset management software. It offers superb digital asset management, creative project management, brand guidelines, and more.

Razuna - best Filestage Alternative

7. Filestage

Filestage is a dynamic brand asset management solution with a user-friendly interface, allowing easy task management, version customization, and simplified feedback collection. Its annotation tools facilitate clear communication and collaboration between team members.

This BAM software also allows for speedy approvals and automated document sharing. You can use one-click approvals, reminders, and notifications to speed up decision-making.

Filestage is secure and dependable, so you can manage your media and content files with peace of mind. Like the other platforms on this list, it lets you assign user roles and limit access for security and productivity.

You can also integrate Filestage with productivity software like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack. Filestage also allows for template customization and comprehensive audit trails.

Best For:

Filestage is an effective brand asset management solution for creative teams and marketing agencies. It is also a good choice for businesses requiring fast approvals of brand assets.

Razuna - best Filecamp Alternative

8. Filecamp

Filecamp caters to many business needs with its wide array of features. This brand asset management solution allows for file organization, portal customization, and metadata tagging. Its intuitive interface and powerful search capabilities let you locate your assets and distribute them without a hassle.

You can easily track your team's asset usage with Filecamp's analytics and granular permission settings. These features allow for efficient resource allocation and effective brand control. Filecamp also enables you to customize your brand portal and media library to match your brand look and messaging needs.

You can use themes, logos, and colors to customize the interface. You can also set click-on agreements and permissions to track your account activity and make approvals for your brand asset usage.

Best For:

Filecamp is ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries, as you can customize it to suit your needs. If you need a platform with digital asset management, a media library, and online proofing capabilities, Filecamp is a suitable go-to.

Razuna - best MerlinOne Alternative

9. MerlinOne

MerlinOne offers digital asset management, content sharing, and workflow automation features. It allows you to edit media and content online and distribute it with internal or external partners. This BAM software has powerful search capabilities and comprehensive reporting, which enables efficient asset organization and retrieval.

The platform’s features leverage artificial intelligence, such as facial recognition, visual similarity, image recognition tagging, and video and audio auto-transcoding. It also offers flexible UI options, access controls, and automated workflows. You can integrate MerlinOne with platforms such as Adobe Creative Suite, Drupal, WordPress, and others to suit your media creation needs.

MerlinOne is scalable to meet your organization's brand asset management needs. It is HIPAA and GDPR-compliant, and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. You can also use watermarking, access controls, and permissions to secure your data.

Best For:

MerlinOne is ideal for large organizations and enterprises requiring a scalable and secure brand asset management solution. Its comprehensive features allow collaboration with different departments and teams in an organization.

Razuna - best Uptempo Alternative

10. Uptempo (Formerly Brandmaker)

Uptempo is a unique brand asset management system that combines marketing resource management, brand automation, and digital asset management. It has a cloud-based platform that helps you plan and execute your marketing campaigns and activities.

Like the others, Uptempo lets you customize your brand portal, templates, and media library to match your brand look and feel. Use themes, logos, and colors to personalize your interface. You can also create online brand guidelines to showcase your brand identity, style, and messaging.

As expected, the software enables you to collaborate and circulate your assets with your team and partners. You can use online proofing tools, comments, and annotations to give feedback and suggestions to your marketing team. It also supports granular access control, permissions, and roles to secure data and track asset usage.

Best For:

Uptempo is ideal for B2B and B2C marketing teams and enterprises requiring an all-in-one marketing resource management tool and brand asset management solution.


As you know, BAM software can help you better manage your company's brand identity. These systems are imperative for maintaining your digital image across your online footprint. Most top of the range platforms help you manage, collaborate on, and distribute your content and media digitally.

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