10 Top Video-Sharing Platforms

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Video sharing plays a crucial role in today's digital marketing landscape, with an increasing number of companies recognizing the marketing potential of video content. Video files are also gaining prominence in the workplace, serving purposes like onboarding new employees, facilitating training, and enhancing collaboration on projects.

Do you want to include video in your company's collaboration efforts and digital marketing campaigns? A video-sharing platform is the answer. In this guide, we define what video-sharing platforms are, and which features to look for when choosing one.

We also review 10 top video-sharing platforms and unpack their unique benefits. If you are ready to harness the power of video sharing, read on to discover the right platform for your needs.

What Are Video-Sharing Platforms?

Video-sharing platforms are online platforms designed for managing your video content. Some are dedicated purely to video sharing and viewing, with a focus on entertainment. Others are slanted toward workplace collaboration or digital content storage.

Most video-sharing sites allow you to:

  • Upload video content quickly and easily.
  • Share your videos with clients, coworkers, or the greater public.
  • Manage, store, and search for video content in a visual library.

Why Use a Video-Sharing Platform?

With video-sharing sites, you can achieve several of your company's goals simultaneously, including:

  • Collaborating with your coworkers and business partners.
  • Showcasing new products or services to clients.
  • Expanding your brand's reach through engaging video content.

When your video-sharing platform offers a wider range of file-sharing and storage capabilities, it will help you achieve even more with less. But regardless of whether your video sharing is geared towards customer engagement or teamwork on a project, you need the right features to make it a success.

Features to Look For in a Video-Sharing Site

The best video-sharing sites have certain features in common that allow them to outperform the rest. When deciding on a video-sharing site, these are the features you should be looking for:

User-Friendly Interface

The key to a good user experience is a user-friendly interface. Your video-sharing platform must be easy to use, even for newcomers to the site. You'll enjoy an increase in user satisfaction and conversion rates, and a decrease in bounce rates if you get this right.

To be truly user-friendly, your video-sharing platform should be accessible to users with low bandwidth and limited tech skills. Accessibility tools for users with disabilities, such as captions for the hearing impaired, are a bonus.

Video Quality and Resolution

Good video quality and high-resolution imagery will also improve the user experience. It impacts your brand's reputation too, as low-quality sound or imagery will create a negative impression of your brand.

Multi-bitrate streaming puts good quality video in the hands of your audience, regardless of their internet service. It reduces the lagging and buffering that frustrates viewers when watching videos online.

Social Sharing Integration

As of April 2023, there are 5.18 billion internet users worldwide, and 4.8 billion of these use social media. With social app integration on your video sites, you can dramatically increase brand awareness and extend your reach.

Multiple Access Permissions

Multiple access permissions give administrators the ability to assign and control different levels of access to different users. These permissions can include viewing, editing or uploading, commenting, and sharing.

These multiple levels of access ensure that content is shared and accessed in a controlled and secure manner.

Secure Hosting

While you want your video content to be accessible, you don't want it to be tampered with, illegally downloaded, or copied. That's where secure hosting comes in. HTTPS and HTTP live-streaming protocols allow you to stream your videos, safely, without fear of misuse.

Razuna - best video sharing platform

Benefits of Using Video-Sharing Platforms

Using video-sharing platforms will benefit your organization in several ways. Here are the top benefits you'll enjoy:

Asset Organization

Like engaging emails and high-quality images, videos can play a big role in your digital marketing campaigns. But with multiple campaigns and multiple videos, the need for organization is essential.

You can organize your digital brand assets into customizable libraries of thumbnail images, in various categories. Search tools, including filters, will make searching for your videos faster and more efficient.

Access From Anywhere

A video-sharing platform lets you access your video content anytime, and from anywhere, on a PC desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

This makes uploading and sharing your videos a breeze, as you don't have to be seated at your desk and PC to manage your digital content. It also allows a wider audience to access your digital content, as many people use their mobile devices to go online and view videos and other content.


Are you a new entrepreneur with a startup company on a tight digital marketing budget? That doesn't have to pose a problem with your video marketing plans. Video-sharing sites are a cost-effective means of digital marketing and customer engagement.

They enable you to include video content in your marketing portfolio, alongside your other marketing efforts on your website or social media accounts. Most video creation tools are also very easy to use, with no special skills or extra tools involved.


Many video-sharing sites integrate with your existing systems, such as content management systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), and customer relationship management software (CRM).

This integration streamlines workflows by allowing users to manage their video content from one centralized ecosystem.

Integration also enhances productivity, as there is no need for transferring data between various systems. This will save your organization time and reduce the risk of errors.

Easy Sharing

The days of complicated video-sharing processes, the need for external video players, and long wait times are over. Modern video-sharing sites make video file sharing a breeze, with various file types and embedded links.

Videos can now be instantly shared and viewed, without the hassle of having to download them and wait for ages. You can also share them in a variety of ways, across multiple platforms and apps. This saves both the sender and the recipient time and frustration when sharing large video files.


Video-sharing platforms make project collaboration simple and fun. By using file-sharing links, you can send video content to your collab partners. With the right tools and features, you can invite them to approve video content, give feedback, or leave an annotation or comment.

With the rise of remote work, video-sharing platforms are a must. Team members can access and collaborate on video content from anywhere with an internet connection.

The 10 Best Video-Sharing Platforms

These are the 10 best video-sharing sites that you should consider for your digital content-sharing needs.

Razuna - cloud-based video sharing platform


Razuna is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. With Razuna, your digital files are kept safe and secure, neatly organized, up-to-date, and always accessible.

Just drag-and-drop to upload your video files in next to no time. An attractive, user-friendly dashboard makes managing your digital files simple. And with the lightning-fast search tools, you'll be able to find the right digital file in seconds. You can organize your digital content in a variety of ways. Use keywords, descriptions, metadata, or custom labels.

Razuna allows you to create a unique workspace for collaborating with coworkers or sharing video files with customers. Advanced file-sharing permissions and a feature allowing unlimited users make this simple and convenient.

You can also organize your other digital content on the same platform with a free account. Workspaces, file sharing, and 500 GB of free storage are included.


  • Upload, edit, and share video content and other media all in one place.
  • Organize your digital assets with descriptions, tags, keywords, or metadata.
  • Enjoy a dedicated workspace for content collaboration.
  • Create individual or group shattered links for sharing digital content.
  • HIPPA-compliant cloud servers allow for safe and secure hosting.
  • Real-time statistics on which video files are downloaded the most.

Best For

Razuna is ideal for businesses looking for complete digital asset management software with premier file-sharing capabilities. It's great for smaller businesses on a budget, as a generous free account which includes 500 GB storage is available. Razuna is also the only option available that provides a flat-fee of $80/TB/month with unlimited features.

Razuna - best Dropbox alternative


Dropbox is a file-hosting service that lets you upload and store digital files in the cloud, sync your files, and share them with others. Recipients don't even have to have a Dropbox account to download the file. Just send them a link.

There are different ways to share video files on Dropbox. You can use the Dropbox website, the folder on your computer, or the app on your mobile devices. You can send large video files of up to 100GB for free, and up to 250GB with a paid plan.

With Dropbox, you can share a link for any file in your cloud storage, but you have total control over who can view or edit your digital files. This includes photos, videos, CAD files, and even zipper folders. This makes it suitable for secure workplace collaboration and digital asset storage.

When you use Dropbox for work, you may have files and documents that contain information meant for restricted access. Create a password to safeguard a file or folder containing sensitive information. These files will be stored in a virtual vault for your peace of mind.


  • Upload and store files in the cloud.
  • Share a link to any Dropbox file - the recipient doesn't need to have a Dropbox account.
  • Maintain control over who can view and edit files by setting permissions and passwords.
  • Send up to 100GB in files for free, and up to 250GB with a paid plan.
  • Send large videos without using a video compressor.

Best For

Dropbox is suitable for individual and personal use, as well as for small to medium-sized businesses that need safe and secure file storage and sharing.

Razuna - best Google Drive alternative

Google Drive

Google Drive allows Google account holders to store digital files securely, and open or edit them from any device. It offers 15GB of space for free, but additional storage can be purchased on a Google One paid plan.

You can store your files in the cloud, sync them across your devices, and view them on Google Drive.

Sharing videos is easy between two or more Google account holders, but recipients of your video files will need permission granted for viewing or downloading them. You can also share videos from Google Drive with the general public, by using a sharing link.

Once you've uploaded and shared your video files or other digital content to Google Drive, recipients can view and download or even edit them. But this depends on the permissions you have set. If you have photos or videos saved on your PC, you can also share them via Google Drive Web.


Video sharing and storage, with 15GB of free cloud storage.

Purchase extra storage if needed through a Google One plan.

Share videos with other Google account holders through Drive.

Use a sharing link to share outside of the Google ecosystem.

Upload, view, and share video files from any smart device, computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

  • Video sharing and storage, with 15GB of free cloud storage.
  • Purchase extra storage if needed through a Google One plan.
  • Share videos with other Google account holders through Drive.
  • Use a sharing link to share outside of the Google ecosystem.
  • Upload, view, and share video files from any smart device, computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Best For

As Google Drive is a Google product, it is best for Google account holders. If you already use Google's range of products and services like Gmail and Hiver for your business, Google Drive will already be accessible to you.

This will facilitate seamless integration with your email and marketing management systems.

Razuna - best OneDrive alternative


OneDrive is Microsoft's internet storage platform that all Microsoft account holders can access for free. This file hosting service allows registered users to store, sync, and share their digital files. As it is compatible and already integrated with Microsoft Office, it's ideal for Microsoft Suite users.

You can share a video file directly from OneDrive without opening it by copying the file link and sending it to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, or Microsoft 365. You can also play the file directly from these Microsoft apps, without the need for an external video file player.

The Shared Folder facility allows multiple team members to store, view, and download images and videos. This makes it ideal for small businesses' collaboration and digital content storage needs. OneDrive offers top security for all its file sharing, with no limitations on the size of the files being shared.


  • Store and share video or image files across a variety of Microsoft apps.
  • Use a shared folder to share photos or video files among your team.
  • Share and play video files directly from OneDrive.
  • Sync files to all your devices.
  • Compatible with the entire Microsoft suite for easier collaboration.

Best For

As OneDrive is available as an additional feature of the Microsoft Suite, it is only suitable for registered Microsoft account holders. However, if you are already using Microsoft Teams in the workplace, and Outlook for your email management, this may be the right platform for you.

Razuna - YouTube videos


YouTube is a free-to-use video viewing and sharing app, founded in 2005 and bought by tech giant Google in 2006. In 2011, YouTube signed an agreement with Google+ social networking and the Google Chrome web browser. This ensured that it would connect its videos directly to those platforms.

This makes it even more user-friendly and accessible across the Google range of services and increases your videos' potential reach. Although many people see it as an entertainment platform, YouTube is being increasingly used for advertising and marketing purposes.

Several businesses use YouTube for internal sharing of video content too, such as onboarding and training new hires. Thanks to the free YouTube Studio feature, creators can upload their videos quickly and easily, name their videos, and choose thumbnail images for display in search results.

YouTube is useful for quick and easy video posting for marketing to a wider audience and can be used in conjunction with other platforms and apps. You can also embed YouTube videos in your website or redirect customers to your YouTube content from your social media accounts.


  • You can access YouTube on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, and other smart devices.
  • YouTube Studio allows you to upload, share, and manage your videos.
  • Advanced data analytics for your videos.
  • YouTube videos can be monetized if you meet certain criteria such as subscriber counts.

If you have a Google account, you can create a free YouTube channel.

Best For

YouTube is a user-friendly and free-to-use video-sharing site that is extremely popular. It's a good choice for businesses aiming to market digital content to young adults, as 23.5% of YouTube's US viewers are between 19 and 25 years old.

Razuna - Vimeo videos


Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that simplifies creating, managing, and sharing your video content. It offers a range of video features like creation and editing, live streaming, and webinars for all your video marketing needs.

Users can host videos, collaborate with coworkers through screen recordings, and share videos with their customers. An ad-free player increases your audience's video-watching enjoyment. Vimeo also offers performance data analytics to help you constantly improve your digital content.

Because you can record and share video messages straight from your browser, Vimeo has become a handy video-sharing site for all sorts of applications. Vimeo has stricter controls over what you can upload than other popular video-sharing sites like YouTube. This means the platform has maintained a high quality of video content.

Digital content creators have total control over who may access their videos. This is especially important if you're using video content for showcasing products in development. You can add a password to a video to ensure that only authorized access is possible.


  • Create and manage interactive videos for the workspace or digital marketing.
  • Screen recordings for easier collaboration.
  • Webinars and live-streamed virtual events for increased audience engagement.
  • An ad-free player that keeps viewers glued to the screen and engaged.
  • Specify which websites can embed your videos, or limit access with a password.

Best For

Vimeo is an easy-to-use video experience platform. It is aimed at creatives and artists who want to start sharing their digital content. However, it is not as popular as other video-sharing sites in this category, like YouTube. This makes it less suitable for larger businesses.

Razuna - Dailymotion videos


DailyMotion is a global video streaming service with a focus on news and entertainment. It uses the HTML5 format for its videos. Individuals and businesses can use DailyMotion to upload and share videos, and these videos can also be monetized for extra revenue.

However, certain limitations are imposed on the length and number of videos uploaded. Content creators are limited to 96 video uploads per day, capped at a total of two hours of video.

This may make it unsuitable as a primary video-sharing platform if you need to create and share a massive amount of video content daily. However, for most small businesses and entrepreneurs, it is sufficient.

That aside, DailyMotion is a popular video-sharing and viewing platform, with about 112 million monthly viewers. Therefore it's worth considering as an additional outlet for your digital content marketing.


  • Live stream videos on the DailyMotion platform for onboarding, training, and marketing.
  • Monetize your marketing videos and earn additional ad revenue.
  • Users can save video content in a library to watch later, even when offline.
  • Although a controversial topic, video content creators can buy DailyMotion views on the platform as social proof of their relevance.
  • DailyMotion is user-friendly and free to use for video uploading and sharing.

Best For

DailyMotion is a free-to-use video-sharing platform ideal for sharing short videos. This makes it a good option for entrepreneurs and small businesses with minimal video content-sharing needs and a small video marketing budget.

Razuna - Monday.com alternative


monday.com is a business management software that includes a wide range of tools for collaboration, project management, and scheduling. Video file sharing is one of the possibilities, although monday.com is not marketed specifically as a video-sharing platform.

Does video content form a part of your workplace collaboration, or your onboarding and training? You may choose to manage your digital content along with your other communications, projects, and sprints on this single platform.

Store your files in a central hub, for streamlined digital content management. Use monday.com for sharing files between in-office or remote teams, or even sending files to clients. The platform integrates with over 200 third-party applications.

With all your data centralized, workplace management and content management are no longer separate activities. You can upload video content via the monday.com app on any device, and share as you would your other files.


  • A variety of project management and collaboration tools.
  • Prioritize and assign tasks to specific colleagues or employees.
  • Enjoy a more comprehensive overview of your various projects.
  • Streamline your workplace operations with automated workflows.
  • Create custom forms to attract and nurture stronger leads.

Best For

monday.com is a cloud-based management system for automating workflows and collaborating on digital content. It is suitable for entrepreneurs, as well as small to medium-sized businesses looking for an all-in-one digital workspace.

Razuna - Box alternative


Need to securely send large files to coworkers or clients? Whether they're video files, images, PDFs, or documents, you can use Box. This platform offers secure, cloud-based content management and collaboration on one platform.

Users can organize all their marketing materials, documents, and digital content on the platform. AI capabilities, automation, enterprise-grade security features, and analytics are all top features that businesses can enjoy.

End-to-end data encryption keeps your data safe at all times while collaborating with coworkers. But Box also allows you to extend the reach of your digital content, by embedding it into your other apps. Want to create your own content apps? Box's developer tools and APIs will help you do that, too.


  • Cloud-based digital content management for all types of businesses.
  • Organization of all types of content available in one place.
  • End-to-end data encryption for greater security when collaborating.
  • Create your own content apps with special developer tools.
  • Integrate Box with your other apps for seamless digital file management and sharing.

Best For

Box is suitable for entrepreneurs and companies looking for cloud-based digital content management and storage that is accessible on all types of devices. If you're just getting started with digital content, it has the developer tools you need to create content apps and manage your content in one place.

Razuna - best Bynder alternative


Bynder is a digital asset management platform used by several leading businesses. On Bynder you can collate all your digital assets (images, video, etc.) in one place. You can create and review digital content, collaborate on digital products, and automate your digital content creation.

Data-driven insights will allow you to streamline and adapt your digital content marketing efforts. Print-ready templates are at your disposal for editing and repurposing.

Scaling your digital marketing is easy with Bynder Studio, where you can create, resize, and customize all your video content.


  • Digital Studio for creating, editing, and customizing your digital content.
  • Repurpose templates with each new digital marketing image.
  • Gain deeper insights into your digital content's performance with data analytics.
  • Bynder's Content Workflow uses generative AI to facilitate content creation at scale.
  • Share your digital files both internally and externally.

Best For

Bynder is used by small to medium-sized businesses across several industries, and even some Fortune 500 companies. It's best for marketing teams looking to optimize their digital assets on different channels while maintaining brand consistency.


Video is not limited to entertainment. It serves many practical applications in the business world. It's a powerful tool for leveraging digital content in marketing campaigns, engaging your target audience, and reaching potential leads.

In the realm of video-sharing platforms, the choice you make can significantly impact your video asset management. That's where Razuna comes into play, offering much more than a conventional video-sharing platform. As a leading digital asset management system, Razuna has already empowered over 5,000 teams to transform their digital content workflows.

If you're ready to harness the full potential of your video content, it's time to explore Razuna's capabilities. Register your free account today!

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More than 5,000 customers worldwide.

Razuna - zero headache brand asset management for teams

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