Top 8 Digital Asset Library Software for 2024

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Regardless of your industry, your business will have digital assets. These include everything from graphics and vectors for branding to video clips, copy, images, and audio files for marketing. But if you don't properly organize them into a digital asset library, you'll be overwhelmed in a sea of chaos.

That's why digital asset library software is beneficial for any business and why choosing the right one for your needs is crucial.

Not sure where to start? In this article, we examine the top features to look for, and the benefits you'll enjoy from using the best digital asset management tools. To help you with your selection, we review the top eight digital asset library software choices for 2024.

What Is Digital Asset Library Software?

Also known as digital asset management (DAM) software, digital asset library software organizes all digital assets in one place. This makes searching for and retrieving your digital files faster and easier. But when used to its full potential, it does so much more than that.

DAM software makes total digital asset management possible. It can help you manage everything, from content creation and editing to sharing files for review. It allows you to store files safely and securely and distribute them to your various marketing platforms.

Features of Digital Asset Library Software

These are the top six features you should look for when choosing digital asset software for your business.

1. Asset Organization

Digital asset organization is the core feature of all good digital asset library software. It's not enough to house your digital assets in a central repository. Organization implies categorization, not just in one library or media gallery, but also into further, customizable folders.

2. Search and Retrieval

To adequately group, search for, and find your digital assets, your software should offer customizable tags, metadata, and descriptions. These will save you time and effort when finding and sharing specific files with team members.

3. User Access and Permissions

Enhanced security is one of the top advantages of digital asset management software. Your DAM software can give you this security boost in several ways. User access limits the authorized users who can access digital content, while permissions restrict what they can do with it.

4. Version Control

Version control allows you to retain original versions of your digital content despite edits during the collaboration stage. This means that you can easily revert to a previous version if necessary. No work on your digital content is lost, and you won't risk having to start again from scratch.

5. Collaboration Tools

A culture of collaboration is at the heart of most branding and marketing projects. This requires good teamwork and management, as well as the best tools. Examples include fast file sharing and the ability to comment and attach notes on assets for faster and improved teamwork on digital content projects.

6. Integrations

Your digital assets may be stored in one library, but they'll inevitably make a few journeys from that central database. Integrations with your favorite work management and productivity apps, collaboration tools, and communication platforms ensure a smooth transition from one process to the next.

Benefits of Digital Asset Library Software

Digital asset library software offers several benefits, especially when you use the right strategies and tools. Here are the top six benefits you can expect.

1. Efficient Asset Management

With DAM, you'll experience efficient asset management, regardless of the size of your workforce or the volume of your digital asset library. DAM offers a centralized and organized repository for all your files, making searching, sharing, and collaborating more efficient.

2. Improved Collaboration

DAM tools allow all team members to access, edit, and collaborate on a file from a single location, eliminating the need for back-and-forth file sharing. Version control features ensure that everyone is working on an asset's latest and most accurate version.

3. Time and Cost Savings

Using DAM tools to retrieve and collaborate on assets will save your business valuable time. DAM allows for quick file retrieval, reducing the time spent sifting through a sea of disorganized files. Workflow automation also saves time on repetitive tasks like publishing, approvals, and file conversions.

DAM tools also reduce the risk of duplicate files or team members working on old versions, which can save your business significant time and money.

4. Enhanced Brand Consistency

Digital asset library software keeps your brand assets consistent and within brand guidelines. The best DAM tools let you display your brand guidelines directly within the platform. This allows users to easily access the guidelines while creating and editing assets, helping them adhere to the standards.

Version control and collaboration tools on your DAM platform will also ensure that everyone is on track and working on the correct version of a file.

5. Streamlined Workflows

Creating a digital asset library is one of the most important steps to creative workflow management. It streamlines your workflows through task automation, faster file sharing, and convenient integrations. This allows your team to do what they do best with greater accuracy and fewer delays.

6. Asset Security

Asset security should be a top priority for any business. A properly managed digital library, with software that provides security features, helps you to meet this need. No external security measures are necessary when you take advantage of built-in security like access control, user permissions, and cloud storage.

8 Best Digital Asset Library Software for 2024

Every business has unique digital asset management requirements, which will dictate your choice of digital asset library software. But among all the choices on the market today, you're sure to find the one that's the right fit for you.

We've got you covered if you need help deciding on the right digital asset software for your company's needs. Here are the top eight digital asset library software choices for you to consider in 2024.

1. Razuna

Razuna - affordable digital asset library software

In the world of digital asset library software, the cloud-based platform Razuna stands out. This is thanks to its unique combination of innovative digital management features and DAM tools with a user-friendly platform.

With Razuna, you can enjoy digital asset library software features on desktops, tablets, or other mobile devices for digital asset management on the go. It's highly customizable, safe, and secure. It makes sharing, editing, and reviewing digital content simple and fun.

Razuna is simple enough for beginners to use confidently yet feature-rich enough to satisfy the needs of more complex digital asset project collaboration. And it's easy to get started, too. A demo is available, and you can register an account for free.

Main Features
  • An easy-to-use interface and user-friendly DAM tools facilitate faster adoption of digital asset library software with almost no downtime.
  • A central digital asset library for browsing all digital content, which you can subdivide into customizable folders.
  • Customize your labels, metadata, and tags to facilitate the categorization, searching, and retrieval of all your digital assets.
  • Filters for lightning-fast, multi-level searches when your team is racing to meet a deadline and time is of the essence.
  • Internal and external file-sharing and collaboration tools that allow users to comment on content and facilitate better teamwork.
Who It's Best For

Razuna is the ideal digital asset library software choice for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups.

It has won over many leading businesses because of its user-friendly platform. The minimal learning curve and a wide range of innovative features make it ideal for team members at all levels of expertise.

What stands out the most about Razuna is its simple approach to digital asset management. You'll have easy and uncomplicated access to all the features you need. Razuna is also an affordable choice, giving the most value to businesses of all types and sizes.

You can register for a free account and enjoy some benefits immediately.

2. Bynder

Razuna - Bynder alternative

Bynder is a digital asset management platform that leverages AI to enhance the user experience. It offers a centralized solution to collate, store, and distribute digital content. Your team can share files both internally and externally, and security is assured with access and user control.

A demo and a 30-day free trial are available.

Main Features
  • Control user access control and permissions to protect your sensitive data.
  • Internal and external file sharing makes collaboration quick and easy.
  • AI-powered tools to optimize your digital content before publishing it to your marketing platforms.
Who It's Best For

Bynder is best suited to large businesses and enterprises looking for AI solutions to their content storage and distribution needs.

It interconnects with various aspects of CMS, e-commerce, sales and marketing. That's great if you're looking for such a comprehensive tool but unnecessary if you're looking for simple, fuss-free DAM.

3. Brandfolder

Razuna - Brandfolder alternative

Brandfolder is a cloud-based digital asset management tool for content creators and marketers. It helps teams group, share, and distribute their digital content quickly and easily. Privacy controls and the ability to create public or private links to assets safeguard your digital assets.

Main Features
  • The safety and security of your digital assets are assured through stringent privacy controls and user-level permissions.
  • Measure your digital assets' performance with Brand Intelligence, the platform's AI-powered insights feature.
  • Your team can access various integrations with their preferred CRM, communications, and productivity apps.
Who It's Best For

Brandfolder is best for companies looking for a tool to help maintain brand consistency and offer insights into brand performance.

Brandfolder's clean and simple user interface is ideal for beginners and less tech-savvy users.

4. Canto

Razuna - Canto alternative

Canto is digital asset library software that promises to streamline digital content collaboration. Your team will be able to collaborate with internal teammates and remote, external teams. From the Canto media delivery cloud, they can publish directly to your other online platforms.

Main Features
  • A specialized media delivery cloud for publishing digital content directly from the platform.
  • AI-powered search capabilities make searching for specific files faster and easier.
  • AI automation capabilities enable your team to engage in video marketing with less stress and hassle.
Who It's Best For

Canto is ideal for businesses focused on storing their digital assets for content collaboration, publishing, and distribution.

Canto is aimed at teams that are responsible for DAM, collaboration, and publishing content.

5. Frontify

Razuna - Frontify alternative

Are you looking for digital asset library software that doubles as a tool for branding? If so, Frontify might fit the bill.

Here, you'll find DAM tools and templates for your branding efforts on one platform. With Frontify, you can organize all your brand assets in one shared space and include your unique brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency and easier teamwork.

A free trial is available.

Main Features
  • A centralized asset library allows for easier content collaboration.
  • The brand guidelines feature helps teams stay on track with brand consistency.
  • Templates to streamline your branding and marketing efforts.
Who It's Best For

Frontify may be a good choice if you're looking for a digital asset library platform that supports your brand consistency and marketing efforts.

Frontify may be better for teams that need brand and marketing support more than the other aspects of digital asset management.

6. Dash

Razuna - Dash alternative

Dash is a digital asset management app that lets you collect, organize, search for, store, and share digital content. It is designed for use across multiple business environments, including marketing, design and branding, and even e-commerce applications.

There is a free trial available for users interested in the Dash app.

Main Features
  • You can import digital assets directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, or SharePoint.
  • Use guest upload links to collate digital content from external content creators.
  • Team members can leave feedback on specific files they've collaborated on.
Who It's Best For

Dash may be the platform for you if you need to collect and showcase digital content for simple, streamlined marketing campaigns.

It is better suited to smaller teams who need to collect and share digital assets for smaller online storefronts.

7. Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Razuna - Adobe Experience Manager Assets alternative

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is a cloud-based DAM tool offering digital asset management of the premium quality Adobe is known for.

Users can manage millions of assets from this single, cloud-based solution. IT, creative, and marketing teams can collaborate on videos, 3D assets, and more. AI and automation make managing digital assets even easier, and this tool works alongside other Adobe tools for added value.

You can watch an overview of the product or take a tour on their website.

Main Features
  • This platform allows digital asset management at a large scale.
  • You can track the activity of your digital assets, including which team uses them and why.
  • You'll have a centralized digital content library, including 3D assets.
Who It's Best For

You'll find Adobe Experience Manager Assets suitable if you're already a fan of other Adobe products.

Users unfamiliar with Adobe may find it less user-friendly than other DAM software.

8. Aprimo

Razuna - Aprimo alternative

Aprimo is an AI-powered digital asset management platform that allows you to centralize all your digital assets and oversee every aspect of their lifecycle, from content creation to distribution.

Aprimo's AI tool offers smart asset optimization and generates tags and descriptions automatically. This allows for easy content discovery and smart content suggestions.

A live demo and product tour are available.

Main Features
  • A unified digital content hub with smart search capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with leading tools and apps, including Slack, Salesforce, and Mailchimp.
  • Supports all content types, including 4K video and text.
Who It's Best For

If you're looking for an all-in-one digital content creation, storage, and delivery platform, consider Aprimo.

As an AI-powered content operations platform, it is perhaps better suited to businesses that don't already have the workforce or systems in place for content creation and distribution.


Digital asset library software makes managing your assets a breeze. You'll enjoy many benefits, including streamlined workflows, efficient collaboration, and enhanced security for your digital assets, especially when you have the best digital asset management software, like Razuna!

Razuna's DAM software and tools have helped small-to-medium businesses across multiple industries meet their digital asset management needs easily and affordably. We can do the same for you. Best of all, you can register for a free account in seconds and get started today!

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