Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Asset Management

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Every business needs a great marketing plan. It creates awareness around your products or services, enhances your reputation, piques the public's interest, and ultimately drives sales. But any good marketing plan is only as good as the marketing asset management (MAM) behind it.

Marketing asset management streamlines your marketing workflow and helps you make the most of all your marketing resources, such as your digital assets. It also ensures that all of these marketing assets are always easy to access and up-to-date.

Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, you'll reap the rewards of a great MAM tool. Are you ready to maximize your marketing efforts? Here is everything you need to know about marketing asset management.

What Are Marketing Assets?

Marketing assets are the various types of content you use to create brand awareness, attract leads, build customer relationships, and boost sales. There are many different types of marketing assets, and the type you favor will probably depend on your industry and your target market.

The list of possible marketing assets is endless, but the most common examples are:

  • Digital images like photographs or vectors used for logos
  • Marketing videos
  • Print and digital advertisements
  • Blog and vlog content
  • Social media posts
  • Published articles
  • Televised interviews with your company or brand spokespeople

What Is Marketing Asset Management?

Marketing asset management is the process of organizing, sharing, distributing, and storing the above-mentioned marketing assets in a central location. This makes every step of the marketing process simpler and facilitates future marketing campaigns.

Do you need it? Yes, you do! Marketing asset management software is vital to your productivity and efficiency. Without the convenience of centralized and organized marketing assets, your teams will spend more time and experience more stress on every marketing campaign.

What Does Marketing Asset Management Software Do?

So, what does marketing asset management do for your team? It does a whole lot more than you'd expect, with far-reaching implications for storage, access, collaboration, and even regulatory compliance. We've identified six features that stand out among the rest, which every marketing team needs for success.

1. Centralized Asset Storage

With centralized asset storage, you no longer have to jump from one place to another to gather marketing assets for sharing and collaboration. You also won't have to waste time searching endlessly for files before distributing your content.

All the authorized users on your network can access these files on a centralized server. When you're approaching a deadline for distributing your marketing materials, this saves you precious time.

2. Asset Organization and Categorization

Asset organization and categorization allow you to streamline your marketing asset collection. Searches are so much faster when fields are organized and categorized methodically.

But a general overview of the entire body of work is still possible, with a library or gallery containing all your media. It's the ultimate convenience among all your marketing tools.

3. Version Control

Version control lets your team collaborate with coworkers or outsourced specialists without losing any version of their digital content files.

Despite any changes made, not only is the most recent version always available, but every version before that is, too. And you'll be able to track what changes were made, who made them, and when.

4. Access Control and Permissions

Access control and permissions are distinct features that work together to protect your marketing assets. While access control stops any unauthorized user from accessing your digital assets, permissions dictate what the authorized users can or can't do while viewing the content.

With the right MAM software, you can safeguard and manage your digital rights, even while sharing and collaborating.

5. Collaboration Tools

To make your marketing dream work, you need to facilitate marketing asset teamwork. And every piece of digital content your team produces will be subject to ongoing revision and collaboration to get it just right.

Marketing asset management software makes such collaboration easier, with quick file sharing and the ability to attach notes to files for other team members to see.

6. Brand Compliance and Governance

All companies must comply with specific brand guidelines while keeping their brand messaging consistent. This compliance is especially important when dealing with stakeholders, business partners, and regulatory bodies.

MAM software allows you to keep a close eye on every part of the marketing asset process. This makes brand compliance and governance easier to achieve.

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5 Benefits of Marketing Asset Management Software

MAM software has five main benefits you can't afford to ignore:

1. Enhanced Brand Consistency

Is marketing more important than branding, or is it the other way around? There's no easy answer to this, as they are both essential to any business's success. However, strong branding efforts should always come first, and your marketing should build on that.

Because your marketing efforts will only succeed with a strong brand identity and message in place, you must strive to keep them consistent. Fortunately, enhanced brand consistency is one of the top benefits of MAM software.

2. Time and Cost Savings

Would you be interested in a cost-saving tool for your marketing team? How about a time management tool? Well, you're in luck, because these are some of the benefits you'll enjoy with any good marketing asset management software.

This software saves you time, with everything in one place, easy to locate, work on, and share. You don't need lots of different software; this one does everything, which saves you money as well.

3. Efficient Collaboration

Marketing asset creation is a dynamic process, going through multiple edits and revisions until the final, marketable result. That's why collaboration tools are a must in any company, particularly in the marketing department.

If your marketing team needs help with their collaboration, they'll get all the support they need with the right software. Instant file sharing and downloads save time and allow them to work together faster and better than ever before.

4. Improved Workflow Automation

If we have to sum up the benefits of automation in a sentence, it's this: it makes everything easier. No doubt this has been your experience with every automated software you've tried. Marketing asset management is no different.

Most of your marketing workflows, those repetitive tasks your teams have to go through to produce and distribute marketing assets, can be automated. By automating your simpler workflows, your employees have more time to spend on content creation and collaboration.

5. Analytics and Reporting

There's no better way to stay on top of your marketing efforts than by leveraging data analytics and reporting. These are what give you the information you need to make calculated, data-driven decisions that skyrocket your marketing.

You'll quickly see what's working, what isn't, and what changes you need to make for increased consumer engagement and higher sales. Analytics tell you all you need to know about patterns or trends in your marketing efforts. This makes gathering this data for accurate reporting so much easier.

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How to Manage Your Marketing Assets

Here are our top three tips for how to manage your marketing assets effectively:

Centralize Your Assets

If you want your marketing team to have quick and easy access to your digital assets at any time, centralize them. Eliminate the need for multiple storage platforms and go for a secured, cloud-based centralized storage system.

Establish Access and Permissions

Don't risk the integrity of your digital files or subject your marketing content to potential theft. Establish access and permissions, and you'll keep your digital content safe and secure. You can set different rules for different files and adapt them as new collaborators come aboard.

Implement Version Control

Despite endless edits and revisions, sometimes you just need to go back to the drawing board with an original idea. Implement version control, and you'll never have to fear losing an earlier version of any file. You'll also be able to compare versions side-by-side to make a final decision.


Marketing asset management is essential to every business's marketing plan. But to make the most of it, you need the right software. At Razuna, we offer the very best cloud-based asset management tools for all your marketing, branding, and advertising needs.

Best of all, you can get started right away without spending a dime! Just register for your free account, and you'll enjoy workspaces, file sharing, 500GB of storage, and so much more. Let us help you start maximizing your marketing management today.

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