Exciting New Update: Introducing Enhanced Folder Permissions & Admin Control

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We're thrilled to announce the latest update to our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, which is focused on giving more power and flexibility to administrating user permissions and access controls. In our continuous effort to improve data security and streamline digital asset workflows, we've introduced Enhanced Folder Permissions and an option for Admins to Restrict Users more efficiently. Let's dive into what this means for you and your team.

Enhanced Folder Permissions

We recognize that accurate and precise control over who can access your digital assets is essential to protect sensitive information. We have significantly improved our workspace and folder permissions to enhance our service.

As a result of these changes, Razuna admins can now override the access permissions of a workspace with folder permissions. This means you can share workspaces with more flexibility, allowing you to grant access to specific folders within a workspace to selected groups or users only.

Razuna - override workspace permissions with group and users per folder

For example, you can create a folder within a workspace that only a select group of users can access or restrict access to confidential files within a shared workspace to specific team members.

We have created a comprehensive guide on our knowledge page to provide more information about these changes. We encourage you to refer to this guide to understand how these changes can benefit you and your team.

Admin Control to Restrict Users

Razuna is an online platform that provides users with a personalized account and a private workspace to manage their digital assets. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and flexible, allowing hassle-free uploading and managing digital files.

However, organizations may require greater control over their users' actions in certain situations, particularly concerning accessing company-wide brand assets. This is where the advanced account controls come into play.

With advanced account controls, administrators can effectively manage accounts that belong to the same email domain. They can also restrict or prevent users from creating workspaces or unauthorized access to a company's workspace. These features give organizations greater control over their assets and ensure they are used appropriately.

Razuna - enhanced admin control for user accounts

The Enhanced Folder Permissions and Admin Control features are now available to all users.

This latest update comes with improved security features, more efficient collaboration tools, and better control options for teams using the DAM system. Whether you need to manage sensitive data, comply with industry standards, or want to organize your digital assets more effectively, these new features are designed to make your experience smoother and more secure.

We are constantly working to enhance your digital asset management experience and will keep you posted on any future updates. Take advantage of the Enhanced Folder Permissions and Admin Control features to take your asset management to the next level!

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