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How often have you forgotten where you stored that important file, that picture, or that PDF? How many hours have you and your team spent searching for those files? According to studies, we all spend too much time searching. Instead of helping, many "helpful" tools have become data silos.

Wouldn't it be great to have a tool to remember a page, mark a paragraph, take a screenshot, or save that image with one click? However, it should not just be limited to remembering items but also to extending upon them.

We've been looking for such a tool for quite some time until it hit us that Razuna is predestined to be that tool. Hence, today, we are incredibly excited to announce the release and availability of COLLECT+.

COLLECT+ is not yet another app but has been built into the Razuna digital asset management platform. With COLLECT+ and the available Browser extensions, you can browse the web, grab any file, text, or screenshot, and add it with one click to your COLLECT+ library in Razuna.

Razuna - Browser Extension toolbar

You can keep your items in your COLLECT+ library or move them to your workspaces and folders and share them with others. Of course, you can also leverage tags and keywords for all your files within COLLECT+.

We also extended the existing Razuna AI capabilities in COLLECT+ to automatically extract text from images, create thumbnails for selected text snippets, we enhanced auto-tagging for images further, and are indexing just about any text directly so you can find anything within your COLLECT+ library as fast as possible.

We are excited to share that, in addition to our current Razuna desktop and the Razuna Browser extension, we have exciting plans to launch the Razuna mobile app soon. This upcoming release is designed to streamline file collection with COLLECT+, providing even greater convenience and accessibility for our users.

The new Razuna browser extension is a handy tool that complements our brand asset management software, Razuna. It is specifically designed to streamline the process of adding digital assets to your Razuna COLLECT+ library. With this extension, you can add any image from the web to your library with just a few clicks. The extension also allows you to capture screenshots of web pages and save them directly to Razuna.

One of the most remarkable features of the Razuna extension is that it entirely takes advantage of Google Chrome's new side panel option. This allows you to easily add, browse, and search your digital files while browsing your favorite websites. You can quickly find the necessary assets without switching between tabs or windows.

Razuna - Browser Extension side panel

Moreover, the extension is highly user-friendly and intuitive. You do not need any technical expertise to use it. The extension is simple to install and easy to use.

COLLECT+ is available to all Razuna users, independent of the paid plan or our generous free plan, which comes with 500 GB of storage.

Like everything else with Razuna, everything in Razuna is private and secure. All our apps don't track your browsing history or collect personal data.

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