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About Razuna and the people involved

The people behind Razuna are strong believers of the Open Source "way of living". We believe that sharing knowledge (including software) is the future.

About Razuna

Razuna has its main purpose in developing Razuna and support the Razuna Hosted Platform, Razuna Cloud Server and its customers.


We are an experienced group of industry professionals who worked for different clients around the world. We noticed that all of them had the same needs; to store, collaborate and retrieve their valuable documents, images, videos and audios. Therefore, it was a natural step to develop Razuna - the first real Open Source Digital Asset Management System which is made with the customer in mind.

The Razuna Strategy

We here at Razuna are passionate about support and Open Source. However we foremost care about software which offers you, the end user, a substantial benefit. Open Source ensures that we can deliver the best technology to our customers who demand the best for their mission-critical operations. Our success is to built upon software which offer real value to the business workflow.

Our business approach for developing our Enterprise Open Source Digital Asset Management System Razuna has a proven track in the software industry. That is, we make Razuna available as a free download on our website, where our customers are able to retrieve the full source code for a complete review.

The Razuna Promise

First and foremost, Razuna will always be available for free from Razuna. We derives revenue from a supscription service approach. This means a sustainable revenue stream which allows us to continue to further the Open Source Digital Asset Management System Razuna. In other words, you benefit from professional support from the makers of the system, no middle man included.

Moreover, Razuna is offering the Razuna Hosted Platform for customers who do not wish to deploy Razuna on their own or simply want to start sharing and collaborating on their assets within minutes. Our Razuna Hosted Platform has received great reviews in the press and is simply the smartest way to start in the Digital Asset Management World.

In addition, we are also offering dedicated Razuna Cloud Servers. A Razuna Cloud Server is a dedicated Razuna server, setup and maintained by us for you. Please check out our service for Razuna Hosted Platform and Razuna Cloud Server on our dedicated website.


Razuna is part of Helpmonks LLC.

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