Use the browser extension to add to Collect+

We created a browser extension to add files (images, videos, documents, etc.) of any website, a screenshot of a site, a highlighted text, or the URL to your COLLECT+ library.

The browser extension can be installed on all Google Chrome compatible browsers, i.e., Google Chrome, MS Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, and others.

Once the browser extension is installed, we recommend pinning it to your browser extension bar. Clicking on the extension icon will take a screenshot of the page and add the URL to your COLLECT+ library.

To add an image, right-click on the image and select "Razuna—Add image." The same works with videos and PDF files. Alternatively, highlight any text on a site, right-click, and choose "Razuna—Add selection." Whatever you add, you will see within Razuna where the file is coming from (source) and be able to add keywords or tags or move it to your folders or workspaces.

Just like in Razuna, when you add a file to your COLLECT+ library, it will auto-tag the images and create a color spectrum, and you will have the option to add tags.

Install the browser extension

Head to our browser extension page and select the browser to which you want to install the extension. On the Razuna Chrome browser extension page, click the "Add to (your browser name)" button.

Once the extension is installed, the extension option page will open. All that is required is to enter your access token, which you will find on your Razuna profile page.

Enter your access token key and click "Verify Login" to authenticate against your Razuna account. Once done, you can start using the extension.

Razuna browser extension options

We recommend pinning the extension to your browser bar for a single-click action to add the URL and a screenshot of the current page to COLLECT+.

Razuna browser extension toolbar

Leverage the new side panel

The latest browser versions allow you to open the side panel to quickly access bookmarks and more. The Razuna extension takes advantage of the side panel, shows you the recently collected items, and lets you conveniently search for all collected items.

Razuna browser side panel


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