What Collect+ can do for you

Collect+ is an innovative productivity app that offers a wide range of features to help you save and share online content while effectively organizing your files and web resources for quick and easy access.

With Collect+, you can simply click on anything intriguing you find online, and the app securely saves it to your personal space. This enables you to effortlessly access and organize all the compelling content.

Moreover, you can easily save and share your discoveries with others by transferring gathered items to Workspaces and seamlessly sharing them with your entire team.

The app also provides a convenient Browser extension that allows you to easily capture inspiration. You can save everything you see with just one click, from captivating websites to stunning design work. Whether you're taking a screenshot of something that catches your eye or marking any text on a site to save it for later, the Browser extension makes it simple and convenient.

Furthermore, Collect+ offers a powerful search engine that meticulously indexes all your documents, images, and videos. It even autonomously extracts text from images, creating a seamless web of files tailored to your needs.

It's important to note that Collect+ is a component of Razuna, a comprehensive digital asset management system designed for securely storing and sharing digital files with your team or third parties.

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Last updated on Mar. 30th
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