Razuna cloud file server

PDF & Word indexing and more

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the immediate release of our new PDF and Word indexing engine. With it, all your PDF and Word documents are available to search for the content. While there is not much more to say about it, the feature is a significant productivity booster.

While this is undoubtedly the headliner of this post, check out what else is new or enhanced.

Automated ZIP extraction

Upload a ZIP archive with a folder structure and files within, and Razuna will recreate it automatically. Another one of those productivity boosters :)

Video streaming

We are now creating video playlists in the background to have instantaneous video playback if your video is compatible. This is the same technology that Spotify, Apple, and Tidal use for audio and video playback. For now, we have adapted it for video only.

Larger preview & faster processing

Speaking of instantaneous, we now create a default preview image of a maximum of 1200 pixels in addition to the smaller thumbnail at 400 pixels. We also added a new encoding engine that makes this task 150% faster. Both thumbnails are available for you to download. The larger preview is being used for the full-screen preview.

Full-screen preview with next and back

Speaking of the full-screen preview, we have now added a next and back option so you can go to the next image in the folder (previously, you had to close it and open the next one. Yeah, we know...).


  • We also added support for more image formats, e.g., HEIC.
  • The search was enhanced and received a new update with a 20% performance improvement.
  • The folder name is now shown in the upper right corner
  • The file details have been re-designed and show a tab for the raw metadata.
We hope you like these updates.

Thank you for using Razuna.

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