Razuna Workspace redesign

Workspace design change and bug fixes

Hi there,

We are back at full swing and have the first of many updates ready.

Workspace design change

We redesigned the Workspace section in the left sidebar. Whereas previously, the Workspace selection was right underneath the folder area, we moved them to the bottom of the sidebar.

Moving the Workspace switcher creates more space in the sidebar and for an overall better experience. But see for yourself.

Razuna - workspaces for teams and clients

We've also made a change to the color identification of a Workspace. Whereas you've had the color of the Workspace at the bottom of the sidebar, we now have a left border along the browser window that identifies the Workspace.

Shareable link

We received reports that the shareable link option didn't work which was a total bummer. However, we're happy to report that this is now fixed as well.

As always thank you for using Razuna and please let us know your thoughts. Until next time.

Razuna instant feedback for files
New in Razuna: Interactive feedback for files & a new workspace role
Now available in Razuna: Instant feedback option for your team, customers, or third parties directly within your file asset in real-time.
Razuna cloud file server
PDF & Word indexing and more
PDF & Word indexing, larger thumbnails, instantaneous video streaming, automated ZIP extraction with folder structure in Razuna and more in this release.
Razuna color detection
Color detection and enhanced sharing is here
In this release, we introduce color detection for your images with search. Also, we've added full indexing for all metadata fields, i.e., raw metadata.
Updates December 31, 2022
Shared Workspaces update:We've found an issue with accessing the Workspaces that are shared with you. While you could see the Workspaces and switch to one,
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