Razuna color detection

Color detection and enhanced sharing is here

I hope your first few weeks into 2023 are going well!?! Here is what's new and changed in your Razuna account.

Introducing: Color Detection

We just released an update that brings color detection to Razuna for your images. How it works is that upon upload, we analyze the image and provide a color spectrum of the five most prominent colors the system found in the picture.

You can also search by those colors, i.e., you can find all images with a similar color within Razuna now. To make this easy, we provide the Hex-color code for you too. Here's how this works.

Razuna - color detection with AI

We think that's quite awesome. This is a small scope of what we can do with AI. More is coming soon.

Search for all metadata

Along with the above, we constantly scan for IPTC and XMP metadata in your assets. However, as of today, we also index all those fields and make them available for you in our search. It's a minor enhancement, but it allows you to find your files even by some metadata fields that are not exposed otherwise.

Enhanced workspace and sharing permissions

We got reports from some of you that sharing folders and workspaces didn't behave as expected. We took a closer look, saw some things we didn't like, and changed them. Along with that, we've made further improvements. With that, I'm happy to report that sharing folders and workspaces should now work without hiccups. We also made some changes whereby a shared folder with sub-folders shows correctly. Furthermore, a new sub-folder will automatically inherit the users of its parent folder. There are more fixes, but I don't want to bore you with more technical stuff.

What's next?

As mentioned above, we are planning to integrate more AI features. Also, we are working on adding image editing and more. As always, please reach out to us with your feedback.

Thank you for using Razuna.

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