Where are all my users and groups?

Personal user accounts

One of the most notable changes from the Razuna legacy version is that each user has their own Razuna account. This concept should be familiar to those who use OneDrive or Google Drive.

Hence, when you sign in to Razuna, you will see the files of your personal Workspace first. Switch to the "My Team" workspace to access your organization's files.

Razuna client workspaces

If we migrated your instance, we automatically created an account for all your users already. We also created a "My Team" workspace during the migration and added all folders and files.

How can I manage my users and teams?

Adding users and groups (teams) is similar to Razuna legacy.

However, the difference is that instead of adding users, you invite users by email address. The user will receive an email telling them that you have invited them and will create their Razuna account. Once done, you can add them to a team, folder, or Workspace (compared to the previous version, you can also add individual users and not just groups to a folder and Workspace).

To invite users and create teams, click on the "Users & Teams" navigation in the left sidebar. To invite a user, enter their email address in the search field. As each user has a personal account, the system might present several accounts when you start typing (for privacy reasons, the email address is obfuscated). If the user is already registered with Razuna, click on the invite button; otherwise, invite the user new.

Razuna users and teams management
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Last updated on Jan. 15th
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