Override workspace permissions with folder permissions

By default, when you create a workspace, all folders within it inherit the same access permissions for users and teams. This means that any user added to the workspace will have access to all folders. 

However, there may be certain scenarios where you want to restrict access to specific folders within the workspace. For example, you might have a folder containing confidential information only some team members can access.

In such cases, you can override the default access permissions of the workspace with customized folder access permissions. To do this, you need to navigate to the folder whose access permissions you want to change and open the folder settings.

Within the folder settings, you will see the option to "Override workspace access." By turning this option on, you can add or remove users and teams who should have access to the folder. Only the workspace owner can access the folder if you don't add any users or teams.

Razuna override workspace permissions

It's important to note that overriding the workspace access permissions for a specific folder doesn't remove the folder from the workspace. The folder(s) will still be visible to all workspace members in the folder navigation. If you don't want the user to know about your folders, then it's best to create a dedicated workspace for those folders and users.

If a user accesses a folder without proper permission, they will see a status message alerting them of the access restrictions.

Razuna folder access permissions denied

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Last updated on Feb. 25th
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