Introducing the new Razuna

What is the new Razuna all about?

It's worth noting that the Razuna version you're currently utilizing was developed over 15 years ago. Although it received ongoing improvements and support, its outdated technology stack posed challenges when introducing updates and making design changes. A significant modification was inevitable to address these issues.

Helpmonks, the company behind Razuna, developed features we planned to introduce in a future Razuna. Merging the two products made sense. We released the new Razuna in December 2022 with essential features and a plan to bring it feature-wise to the Razuna, you know (hence this announcement now and not earlier). Read on more below what has changed.

(The Helpmonks app includes Razuna. Talk to us if you want to use both.)

Read further below about the most notable changes, and make sure also to watch our introduction video!

The most notable changes

We have made some significant changes to how you share files on Razuna. You can now share individual files, folders, collections, and workspaces by creating unique links with different options. You can create as many links as you need, making controlling who can access your files more straightforward.

We also introduced a new feature called "Workspaces." Unlike Razuna, where everyone shares a single account, each user has an account with a private workspace called "My workspace." However, there is still a shared space for all team files. A team member can create a shared workspace and invite others to join it. This new feature provides powerful file management and offers more options than just one account for everyone.

There are other significant changes, which are listed below:

  • Workspaces
  • Labels (Tags)
  • Search (new & improved)
  • Collections
  • Groups (Teams)
  • Shareable links
  • Collections
  • Favorites
  • Commenting per file
  • Custom Fields
  • Desktop app (mobile soon)
  • Versioning (coming soon)
  • API (coming soon)
  • Workflows (coming soon)
  • Images & Video editor (coming soon)
  • Approval (coming soon)
We maintain a public Roadmap of what we are working on. You are welcome to contribute and directly influence the future of Razuna.

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Last updated on Feb. 12th
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