Advanced user account controls

Advanced account controls

Razuna is a digital asset management system that allows users to create a personal account with a private workspace. This private workspace can create and manage a personal digital library. By default, the system is designed to be flexible and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly and easily upload and manage their digital assets.

However, in some scenarios, organizations may require more control over what users can do, especially when accessing company-wide brand assets. This is where the advanced account controls come in.

The advanced account controls allow administrators to manage accounts under the same email domain. This feature gives organizations greater control over their digital assets, ensuring that users can only access the assets they have been granted permission to use. This is particularly important when managing brand assets like logos, images, and other marketing materials. 

Overall, advanced account controls are a powerful tool for organizations requiring greater digital asset control. By allowing administrators to manage accounts under the same email domain, organizations can ensure that users can only access the assets they have been granted permission to use. This helps protect brand assets and ensure they are used consistently and appropriately across the organization.

To access the advanced account controls, navigate to the Users & Teams section. This section allows you to manage users and teams within your account. Also, it provides access to advanced controls that can be used to customize your account settings. 

Please note that access control is only available for paid accounts and requires using a company email address. User controls will be associated with the user's email domain.

Redirecting users

Enabling the option to redirect users to a specific workspace upon logging into Razuna is an effective way to ensure that they always work in the appropriate workspace. However, it's important to note that enabling this option will mean that users will not have access to a private workspace. So, be sure to select the workspace you want users to redirect to while keeping in mind that private workspace will not be available.

Disable adding workspaces

The option to prevent adding workspaces can be enabled separately from redirecting users to a workspace. Enabling this option will disallow them from adding extra workspaces, so they can only access their personal workspace.

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Last updated on Feb. 27th
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