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Collect, manage and share your valuable media assets with ease

Whether you know a little bit about technology or a lot, you can start to manage assets with Razuna in minutes. The intuitive interface allows you to add videos, images, audios and documents quickly and easily. Simply enjoy our hassle free digital asset management solution.

Metadata fully supported

We know that you've put a lot of effort in the management of your current assets. Don't worry. Razuna is able to read your embeded XMP and IPTC fields. Should you modify the meta data within Razuna then the system will WRITE those meta data back into the image again. This makes the workflow with other systems (Adobe Photoshop, etc.) a reliable and proven experience.

Search and find instantly

Razuna does not only search the title or description of your documents, but does a full index search of the whole document as well. We even take it one step further - Razuna does a full index of your audio and video files, images (IPTC,XMP, EXIF, etc.) and of all common documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

A single source media library

Use Razuna as single entry point for all your media needs. Razuna catalogues and archives all your assets in one go and makes them accessible to your team and partners. For example, if you need a video in another format than you have stored on your disk, Razuna lets you easily convert the video to any desired format on the fly - in a browser based and user friendly interface.

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For our enterprise users

Get your own dedicated Digital Asset Management System server with a Razuna Cloud Server. Pay-as-you-go. No long-term contract. Support included!

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"… your customer service has been outstanding on the rare occasion we've had to make use of it."

Ian Leslie, CMR Institute Inc.