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A centralized digital library for everyone to use

Razuna is based on a reliable and established infrastructure and guarantees every service level: high availability, record keeping, restoration, monitoring and automatic recovery. It is the first system which integrates the most commonly used features in a single and easy to use application.

Collaborate, access and share your assets

Do you want to use your assets on your Web site or publish them in your Extranet or Intranet? With Razuna you don't need any external system to publish your multimedia files. In addition, Razuna can easily be integrated in any existing system - we offer an API and build on industry-proven open standards. Razuna comes with integrated sharing and collaboration tools so you can share your valuable assets with just about everyone.

Search and find instantly

Razuna does not only search the title or description of your documents, but does a full index search of the whole document as well. We even take it one step further - Razuna does a full index of your audio and video files, images (IPTC,XMP, EXIF, etc.) and of all common documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

Have your team always up-to-date

Razuna gives you the ease of mind that you and your team are always working with the most current and latest version of your assets. You can set access permissions for each person individually and share folders and collections on your Intranet and Internet. Communicate with the built-in commenting functionality and convert media files into any needed format on the fly.

We speak your language

The world is a colourful and wonderful place where many different kinds of languages are spoken. You can set up an unlimited amount of languages within the system, supporting global collaboration.

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Get your own dedicated Digital Asset Management System server with a Razuna Cloud Server. Pay-as-you-go. No long-term contract. Support included!

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