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Deploy your media library with confidence

With Razuna you can create a single source for all yourdigital assets which can be accessed by your teams and partners 24/7.

Integrated into your worflow

Razuna blends right into your existing workflow. There is no need to learn something difficult or artificial. Razuna allows you to automate, control and publish every assets the way you want it. Automate and convert your media assets instantly and publish them online. Razuna offers a well intergrated infrastructure and can be linked to your existing system (Wordpress plugin, Desktop applications, etc.).

A single source media library

Use Razuna as single entry point for all your media needs. Razuna catalogues and archives all your assets in one go and makes them accessible to your team and partners. For example, if you need a video in another format than you have stored on your disk, Razuna lets you easily convert the video to any desired format on the fly - in a browser based and user friendly interface.

Your corporate DAM

Razuna is a Web based digital asset management system which automatically feeds your production content to your outlet channels. Since Razuna offers centralized data management you can be certain that only the most up-to-date and signed off versions of your media files are put into production. Setting up a Razuna server is straight forward and needs no wizard. Thanks to the easy to use interface the learning curve is short.

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For our enterprise users

Get your own dedicated Digital Asset Management System server with a Razuna Cloud Server. Pay-as-you-go. No long-term contract. Support included!

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"#Razuna is fast and the features great love xmp data and has all the right fields. API is great addition.Well done!"

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