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Ensure brand consistency

Razuna is a Web based digital asset management solution which supports sharing and collaborating with your team in no time - worldwide. Thanks to our simple approach to media management it doesn't take weeks to start managing your media library.

Have your team always up-to-date

Razuna gives you the ease of mind that you and your team are always working with the most current and latest version of your assets. You can set access permissions for each person individually and share folders and collections on your Intranet and Internet. Communicate with the built-in commenting functionality and convert media files into any needed format on the fly.

Search and find instantly

Razuna does not only search the title or description of your documents, but does a full index search of the whole document as well. We even take it one step further - Razuna does a full index of your audio and video files, images (IPTC,XMP, EXIF, etc.) and of all common documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

Your corporate DAM

Razuna is a Web based digital asset management system which automatically feeds your production content to your outlet channels. Since Razuna offers centralized data management you can be certain that only the most up-to-date and signed off versions of your media files are put into production. Setting up a Razuna server is straight forward and needs no wizard. Thanks to the easy to use interface the learning curve is short.

Access your assets. Anywhere.

There is no need to be in the office today! Razuna is completely web-based and no additional software needs to be installed on your end. Access your assets 24/7. Always. Anywhere.

We speak your language

The world is a colourful and wonderful place where many different kinds of languages are spoken. You can set up an unlimited amount of languages within the system, supporting global collaboration.

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For our enterprise users

Get your own dedicated Digital Asset Management System server with a Razuna Cloud Server. Pay-as-you-go. No long-term contract. Support included!

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"Your tool is going to be the hub of our visual communications moving forward. We do work globally..."

Dustin Stroh