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Razuna can be deployed in different environments

Razuna lets you centralize all your digital assets, automate and streamline your workflow, publish your assets directly to the web and collaborate with your team worldwide.

Razuna for different settings

The Razuna digital asset management solution can be deployed for different settings and satisfies the needs for various users. It gives you the tools you need to communicate, collaborate, automate and share your projects with your teams and clients.

Razuna does all this while requiring less hardware and fewer administrators for the lowest overall cost of ownership. A powerful solution such as Razuna will result in significant efficiency gains as well as data consistency throughout the organization.

Manage your assets

Marketing agencies, photographers, media-, print and Web publishers, Non-Profit organizations or enterprises and governments - each organisation has thousands of assets to distribute, manage and share. Razuna can help you to archive your valuable assets in a secure database for fast access over your Intranet, Extranet and Internet.

Razuna, an easily integrable solution, delivers the highest ROI and offers the lowest cost of introduction and significantly reduces overall IT and production cost. With Razuna your organization can gain control over all digital assets, and improve corporate security.

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Get your own dedicated Digital Asset Management System server with a Razuna Cloud Server. Pay-as-you-go. No long-term contract. Support included!

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