Fast Transfer

Fast Transfer is only available to customers with a Razuna subscription.

Fast Transfer is designed to significantly enhance the file upload experience within the Razuna platform. It offers an impressive speed boost of up to 400% faster than the standard upload process.

Traditionally, you had to rely on third-party clients to upload large files efficiently. However, by collaborating with our storage partner, we have successfully engineered a solution that facilitates the swiftest possible browser transfer.

Fast Transfer is enabled by default for all Razuna customers on a paid plan and requires no additional configuration by default. Nonetheless, we recommend adjusting the upload location to close to your geographical area for an even more seamless and expedited file-uploading experience.

The Fast Transfer option is available within the Workspace settings, and each Workspace can have individual upload areas.

Please note that there might be a larger delay in your files appearing in your folder with this method, as our processing servers need to pull the files from the remote location initially.

Last updated on Jun. 16th