How to organize files

Razuna offers versatile options for organizing files, allowing you to use folders or tags. You can click on a label or keyword of a file asset to automatically filter files, making the organization process more efficient. This means you can store all files in one folder or create multiple folders, as both approaches work effectively. Additionally, the Tag Cloud feature enables quick file retrieval.

If you need to migrate from another system or import files from your current system, you can create a ZIP archive of your existing folder structure and upload it to Razuna, and the platform will extract the archive and reconstruct the folder structure for you.

When using Razuna, it's essential to consider the optimal approach for organizing your file management. While folders provide a structured method for file organization, it's advisable to create them, including sub-folders, only when necessary. Tags offer greater flexibility, as they can be applied to multiple files and allow easy categorization and retrieval. Even if folders are utilized, files with the same tag can be accessed independently of their folder location, providing a seamless and efficient file management system.

You can also copy tags from one workspace to another.

Razuna - copy tag to workspaces

Last updated on Mar. 27th