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Razuna BlueLight for law enforcement, security and emergency service professionals

Razuna BlueLight is a highly secure and extremely scalable Digital Asset Management system built on open source software designed and configured to support the storage of digital evidence gathered by law enforcement, security and emergency services professionals.

Razuna BlueLight allows the collection, storage and sharing of vital case evidence including; images, video, audio, documents and notes, which are then protected digitally in a secure location. The evidence can be categorized and accessed by investigators and prosecution services personnel who can, search and organize these digital assets.

Designed for Law Enforcement

On-scene Gathering

Using any smartphone or mobile tablet an on-scene officer can instantly upload images, video and audio to Razuna BlueLight, where it will be secured and made available for command center and other approved viewers.

Specific video or imagery can be transmitted to the mobile device of an on-scene officer.

Command Room

The command room can store and categorize feeds from on-scene officers, CCTV camera, directly from members of the public or download and securely archive from social networking sites including YouTube and Facebook.

Investigating Officers

Investigating Officers have access, in one location to all image, video and audio files relevant to the case. Data can be categorized, organized, tagged and shared as required with relevant parties.

The asset is kept safe with audit trails ensuring complete transparency thereby protecting the integrity of the original evidence.

The Public

Any member of the public witnessing a crime or social misbehavior can upload images or video instantly directs to Razuna BlueLight.

Razuna BlueLight searches against tags, time and GPS location data embedded in the upload and instantly direct the data to relevant case officers, command room or stored files.

Prosecution Services

Case files can be collated and shared with relevant Prosecution services, saving significant time and cost in case preparation.


Razuna BlueLight provides;

  • On-site installation and Configuration
  • Second and third line 24 X 7 support
  • Scheduled server maintenance and upgrade checks
  • Software upgrade road map


Razuna BlueLight is built on the proven Razuna Open Source Digital Asset Management Platform with more than 2,000 global customers and 60,000 annual downloads.

The interface has been designed to allow users to easily get started and make use of the many features. This easy-to-use interface also forms the basis for Razuna BlueLight.

Deploy in the cloud or in your own virtualization center

Since Razuna is built in the cloud, any numbers of different hosting options are available, from using one of Razuna’s own cloud servers to installing on premise at each police force.

Razuna is a CFML application, running on a high performance enterprise architecture based on J2EE and Tomcat, ensuring maximum scalability and stability for mission critical applications.

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