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Find the latest news entries below. You can also follow them over at the Razuna Blog.

What does Open Source Mean for Digital Asset Management?

As you probbaly know, Razuna is an open source digital asset management software. This basically means that you can download the software and use it for free as long as you adhere to the AGPL license terms. So – the question is: Why do we do that? Why would we give our software away for free? ...[read more]

Razuna approved as qualified DAM software vendor

Even though it may come as surprise to few, Razuna is actually a digital asset management (DAM) software. And now, it’s kind of official. The 10 Core Characteristics of a DAM system In May 2014, the DAM foundation finished laying the groundwork for a list of 10 core characteristics that define...[read more]

Razuna hosted update to protect you

As many of you might know the SHA-1 algorithm has become dangerously weak. In order to protect our customers, we have re-issued our SSL Certificate with the stronger SHA-2 algorithm. Though SHA-1 is still considered to be secure to use for now, the Internet community and some major web companies suc...[read more]

Razuna 1.7 Improves the Digital Asset Management On-Boarding Process

Razuna Launches Razuna 1.7: Open Source and Cloud Digital Asset Management Provider, Razuna, Expands DAM Software to Accelerate the Asset On-Boarding Process with Minimal Resources Resulting in Cutting Implementation Time to a Few Days. Razuna, the leading provider of open source and cloud based dig...[read more]

Razuna 1.7 BETA 1 is now available

I’m pleased to announce that Razuna 1.7 BETA 1 is now available. To download, please follow this link. Razuna 1.7 comes with many useful features and enhancements that will make your work with files easier. Please have a look at the overview below to see what is new or changed. We tackled over...[read more]

Razuna Workflow Plugin – Now Available to Hosted DAM Customers

As part of Razuna 1.6 we launched the workflow plugin, which allows you to automate a number of tasks. I have previously written a blog post to highlight some of the possibilities with the workflow plugin. Since then we have seen a wave of creativity amongst our customers, as they have taken the wor...[read more]

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