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Some thoughts on product image management

Razuna 1.6.5 – so much to talk about As you may have seen, we recently launched Razuna 1.6.5. More than 220 fixes and enhancements, so as usual there’s quite an impressive collection of new features under the hood. I could blog for days, and I probably will, about what you can do now in Razuna, but ...[read more]

Razuna 1.6.5 released – Product Image Management, New API, Expiration dates and 220 other enhancements

Razuna just announced its newest release, 1.6.5, which includes a number of new features to make image, video, audio and document handling easier for businesses. One of the major additions to Razuna 1.6.5 is a product layer, which allows businesses to attach multiple assets to a single product. R...[read more]

API enhancements in Razuna 1.6.5

The new Razuna 1.6.5 release features many exciting new features and enhancements. While I’ll leave a list of of new things to another blog post, I like to point out the major change to the API here. While we’ve added a couple of new API calls, the most important change has been the poss...[read more]

Razuna extension for Magento

We are now releasing a Magento extension, which will allow Magento users to fetch product images directly in Razuna. This will save Magento users hours and hours of work and help keep product images completely up-to-date. We have seen a growing interest from Magento users to have Razuna serve produc...[read more]

Date recovery has been successful

As previously informed we have been hard at work to restore all files from the data recovery company. I’m happy to announce that we are now done and all your files are back in Razuna. Any files that have been uploaded during the downtime, have also been merged with your data store. At this poi...[read more]

Data Recovery

As you likely know by now, we had a severe crash a week and a half ago, and have since been informing you of the situation’s progress. Today, we are happy to announce that the data recovery company has successfully recovered all of the lost files! Presently, we are in the middle of restoring these [...[read more]

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